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Looking Glass EP

Looking Glass EP

Looking Glass EP 5 solo joints, 1 feature, production all inhouse!


Thoughtsarizen at SXSW

South by Southwest Tour, Austin center, Austin, Texas

Keep posted here for dates and details of the 5 shows myself and Ariano will be doing at SXSW

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Discography - Updated 2014 

Simple Thoughts - EP 2003

Sounddaddy RecordsMixtape 2004-2005 (old unreleased tracks)

Cappa E : Welcome to downy

2005 Undercity productions Vol 1. and Vol 2 2004-2005 (another level)

Upsilion: Bare and Simple 2004 (old ass track)

Bubblegum Populace Mixtape Volume 2 2007

Bubblegum Populace Mixtape Volume 3 2008

Bubblegum Populace: In good company 2009

Globe world cup DVD 2005 (hip-hop in the bonus menu)

16 and pregnant - "Its Like" 2010

Thoughtsarizen - thinkin' (limited release of 100) 2005

EEEGAC- tears…

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