Bought a new STUDIO computer!

Hey everyone, I went over to and bought a new studio computer. It arrived about 2 weeks later (thats when they said it would arrive and thats when it did). I booted it up and man its awesome! It has firewire, esata, usb, an Maudio card for XLR, RCA and mini-jack inputs, its whisper quiet and its FAST. It looks awesome as well, so its safe to say I should be getting a ton more music done with this bad boy. It had Ubuntu STUDIO installed, but I had it dual booted with XP, so just I can use Sonar while playing with the Linux studio stuff. I am VERY impressed with the price and value adds with this unit! Anyway going to mess around with it some more, but right now I am giving it the thumbs up! check out, they have i3, i5, i7 versions (latest Intel CPU, DDR3, Nvidia graphics, and rack mountable!) as well as a legacy Core 2 Duo version. They also carry a bunch of other computers, so check it out if you can. PEACE!

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