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Looking Glass EP

Looking Glass EP

Looking Glass EP 5 solo joints, 1 feature, production all inhouse!


Thoughtsarizen at SXSW

South by Southwest Tour, Austin center, Austin, Texas

Keep posted here for dates and details of the 5 shows myself and Ariano will be doing at SXSW

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Updated Bio 

Born in 1981, Thoughts comes from a family of civil servants and hard workers. His father is a world renowned teacher and writer, and his mother is a hardworking nursing supervisor in one of the best hospitals in California. His sister is also accomplished as an ivy league graduate, dog lover, Bass player, and computer programming master. These people along with the love of his life, Angela, his constant companion, and his friends, have formed the man known as Thoughtsarizen. Gaining strength from…

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Happy V-day! 

Hope everyone is having a great v-day. Good wishes to all, hopefully you are with or are soon to be with someone you love. Even though its a hallmark holiday the sentiment is nice, so I can't trash it to hard :)

Wanted: DJ's, Producers, and PR people 

Hey everyone. I am currently looking for a show DJ, and a few new producers. If you are a producer you can be anywhere, if you are a DJ please be local to OC or IE and willing to meet up to practice and rock some shows. Hit me up @ thanks!

Bought a new STUDIO computer! 

Hey everyone I went over to and bought a new studio computer. It arrived about 2 weeks later (thats when they said it would arrive and thats when it did). I booted it up and man its awesome! It has firewire, esata, usb, an Maudio card for XLR, RCA and mini-jack inputs, its whisper quiet and its FAST It looks awesome as well, so its safe to say I should be getting a ton more music done with this bad boy. It had Ubuntu STUDIO installed, but I had it dual booted with XP, so just I can use…

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New B-sides Vol 1, New website, more crap... 

Hey everyone. Welcome to the site, hope you digging it. New stuff is going to be popping up all the time so be sure to check it out. I hope you find what you need, and if you don't then ask away Now I have (with this website) a million more things to take care of, and while it will be a challenge, I believe it will be worth it I will be uploading some new pictures, and some video content soon. Also I will be posting the B-Sides Vol 1 digital download link, which will get you a FREE 17 song album or…

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Whats in a name, and how it started. 

So when I was 1st rapping in the basement (or actually my friend Roberts bedroom on a karaoke machine) I used to always wonder have Emcees got their names. At first I was known only as Max, but then when I found out there is like 10 emcees, producers or similar names Max I decided I need to EARN a name. Since, I needed to earn it I started writing a lot and seeing what would happen and how far I could get with it I kept it up and started writing very abstract, almost poetry like pieces and some people…

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