Traveling Dragon Man


Ever travel and pick up an urban sound? This record was written while on tour and taken from a variety of sources. features from LDonethcut from Sublime, Akil from Jurassic Five, Killah Priest from Wu-tang and more. The sounds you hear travel your senses

What a trip! This album encompasses most of my touring career and includes production and vocals from all over the world! I am truly blessed to present to you: Travelling Dragon Man. Why the two Ls you ask? Longitude and Latitude!

This record means so much to me, I invested my soul. As they say you reap what you sow, and I feel this is a great fruit to harvest. Lets just take a look at some of the talent I had to bless my album shall we?

Killah Priest from Wu-Tang, it was a pleasure to work with him, he filled my mind with spiritual ideas and true seeker knowledge. Akil the Emcee from Jurassic Five; Wow, what a sage, thats all I can say, the nicest, most sincere person I have worked with. DL Incognito, one of Canadas hidden talents, his lyrics are a breath of fresh air. Akrobatik; A true legend, and his presence on the track Scionic and Trippin' carries the track to great heights! Awol One, ever wonder what its like to work with an eccentric amazing visual and audio artist? Well its a breeze and a great time. Check out his art and his latest work with Seedless Clothes. Castor Pollux, a person who puts family first, and is there for everyone, yet can lay the smack down on a track like none other. Ariano, the voice of soul, one of the best vocalist and song writers I have ever worked with and one I call family. K-Dub, a blessed soul that spits heartfelt lyrics like none other. C-Rayz Walz a political master, a deep insight into the way the world works, and a vocal presence. Whew!

Thats quite a bit of family to work with, but wait what about the production? Sure, LDonthecut, of Sublime with Rome, he provided definitive skill with cuts and production, he blessed this record so much, and we even did a video, the song he did was Root to Seed and his cuts are on Scionic. He is one of the few people in the world I would trust with anything, and his skills speak for themselves! Tellingzbeatzz, a great mind from Berlin! With skills beyond just digital production he plays all the instruments in his tracks and most are not sampled, he gave us This Ain't Living. Three Legs Luigi from Finland blesses the title Scionic with amazing production worthy of the majors, and He and I are working on more tunes as I write this. LX gave us Aww Yeah and Chaos, as you can tell this beat master from Finland KILLS IT. Genius Boy gave us the New Day Remix and he is one of the most prolific producers I have meet! Kelly Dean remixed the classic Destructive Love album, This Smog producer gives the record an ambient sound few can master.

I have done records with LDonthecut called Root To Seed you can find on Itunes, and Kelly Dean Remixed the entire Album I did with Technicali Emcee Ariano, Destructive Love - Remix EP available for free at

About myself? Well you can always just email me at and ask away but here is a little about me written by others:

Thoughtsarizens style is a blend of hip-hop with poetic lyrics with a dash of punk rock mannerism, such as the D.I.Y attitude that was so prevalent in the 90's. He maintains the walk the edge of deepness and message, of light and darkness and of dope and just plain sickly ridiculous. Always trying new styles and always keeping up the flow, Thoughtsarizens releases vary from one to the next but are always quality and are always something new, and at all times something unique and amazing.

Currently working with LD on a new album with Bubba Sparxxx, Killah Priest, Castor Pollux, and Madchild, Ariano on a 2nd collab EP, and Josh Martinez on a collab EP, as well as forming a super group called #BAM be on the look out. He strives for consistency and progression and hopes to reach your ears in an earnest way releasing solid music for everyone, even non hip-hop fans.

When everything else is gone, and all that remains is your words and your deeds, Thoughts hopes to, at least in a few people eyes, remain a name on the lips, a voice in the ears, and an unforgettable image to the eyes.

Now how about that product: Travelling Dragon Man Speaks for itself I hope, give it a chance and be surprised you just discovered another record to add to your collection in constant rotation.

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