Thoughtsarizen aka Thoughtsone



B-Sides, Vol 2 : A Storm Passed

by Thoughtsarizen

Released 2011
Deep Thought
Released 2011
Deep Thought
Intellectual underground hip-hop, featuring, Akil of Jurassic Five, Brawdcast, Castor Pollux and more. From political, to spiritual, to just plain fun, this collection has all your musical bases covered. Good hip-hop for Good people.
B-Sides Vol 2. The sequel the well received prior album Vol 1, is a collection of songs of unreleased material by Californian emcee Thoughtsarizen. This time around Thoughts brings some guest along including Brawdcast, Akil of Jurassic Five and Castor Pollux of Gutter Water Music. The music itself is underground hip hop that strives to break boundaries and touch minds, from the politic lament Ashes, to the danceish What It Is, to the fun Who's That?! There are not many sub-genres of indie hip-hop left untouched. International producers grace the boards on this album ranging from Amsterdam (Borgoe) to Scandinavia (KEEMOH, Andy Beathead, Sapres), to California (Crimes), the sounds here are universal in nature and intellectual in presence.

Do you like to decipher rhymes, laugh at the punches, enjoy stories, imagine the imagery, and grove to the rhythms? Well then maybe you should sample the snippets and check out the album and let the music fuel your day.

Vol 2 is the 2nd in an ungoing series or rare and unreleased goodies that will continue to be released yearly with Vol 3 scheduled for June 2012.

From the artist “Vol. 2 is another sample of my work, I will never put down the pen and even after 10 years of making music, I never lose that spark of creativity, that rush when the perfect line is written, the emotion of the words, and the power of even the slightest influence on people. I try to maintain integrity and expand my creativity in every song, and I hope that my music you enjoy. In the end if the synapses are not firing, they are going to waste, so I hope this keeps your mind sharp and your ears happy.”