Thoughtsarizen aka Thoughtsone



SoundDaddy Records homepage
The one and only OC label. Well no, not really, but my production studio anyway. Features artists like Maintain, Killah Priest, Crooked I and more. Run by the man know as AD Ro$$
Wackoes Website
Wackoe Films twitter, offical stuff, does most of my music video and photography.
LDonthecut blog! Technicali!

One of the main producers I have been working with lately please check it out when you can. This man is a huge talent, and its only getting better.

Gutter Water Music blog and more
The homies Oddity, Iota Arcane, Zero One, Castor Pollux and more bless this page, with links to their music as well. OC fam, been down for a LONG time. Also home to some information you infowars heads might like.
Paper Rock Scissors

Southern California label, feature Akil, Myself, and many more. "PaperRockThoughts" will be out in June on this label.

Ominous Words page
Emcee, graphic designer, and self made man. Peep it out for music, events and freelance graphic work. He also handles bookings.
EEEGACs page!
EEEGAC is of course my good friend from Finland. He does beats, he raps, he makes videos, he does graphic design (did both my Thoughtsarizen CD Covers), and he is a cool dude. He also remixes pop music into something both crazy and awesome at the same time.
Andy Beatheads home
FREE hip-hop beats await you on this page, plus tons of other cool music. He doesn't keep it super updated but its still got a good 20-30 songs of great beats. Check it out!
Sapres Beatz myspace
Awesome beat maker out of finland (notice a theme?), produced a track on the B-Sides Vol 1, the collab with Castor Pollux, and a new tune on the upcoming album. Check him out.
DJ Aquatic
DJ Aquatic has more mixes then you can shake a stick at, from DnB to 80's to Hip Hop, and most of it's free. So please check it out.
A great beat maker, did a beat for my mixtape and has lots of downloadable beats on his page. Keeps it pretty current so check back often.
The Car Family - News and Car reviews.
Ok I had to do it. I write for this site as well as my whole family. Its a car review site from a whole family's perspective so you get a full view of the automobile instead of just one persons look. So visit if you need car info.
Information resources for Teachers and more.
My dad put this site together. Its a site purely to help out teachers for free. It has lesson plans, creative ideas, a huge catalog of resources and much more. My dad has won multiple awards for teaching so if your interested please take a look.
The man, the myth, the legend. Dj Ickee is the ORIGINAL I.E hip-hop and DnB DJ. Peep his page for tons of upcoming events and tight DJ mixes.