Thoughtsarizen aka Thoughtsone



Thoughtsarizen - Travelling Dragon Man TAPE (Limited) - 1 Purple Tape, 1 set of stickers.

Check out this limited purple tape! Only 100 available! Includes a a schwag pack with stickers, cds and more.

Or pick up just the CD

Track list as follows:

Track list:
Side One:
1.  Scionic (Featuring Killah Priest, Akrobatik, Akil, DL Incognito, Castor Pollux and LDonthecut)
2.  New Day Remix (Featuring Ariano and K-Dub)
3.  Float
4.  Chaos (Featuring C-Rayz Walz)
5.  Trippin remix (Kelly Dean Remix Featuring Ariano and Akrobatik.)

Side Two
6.  Bobbing Along
7.  Answer
8.  This Aint Living (Featuring Ariano)
9.  Ahh Yeah (Featuring Awol One)
10. Root To Seed (Featuring LDonthecut)
11. Moving Out